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About Wyzmindz

At WyzMindz <pronounced “wise-minds”> we provide Analytical Solutions to our customers with a clear mantra of adding exponential value to our engagements.

We have proven the same across numerous engagements with customers ranging from SME’s to Fortune 100 companies. We rely at the core on our proprietary Metricize-Visualize-Analyze-Optimize Pyramidal framework and our technology expertise to help our customers add revenue, reduce costs and optimize their operations.

Our current customer base spread verticals like Outsourcing, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics etc.

WyzMindz is the only company in India that promises its client to travel the whole journey of process re-engineering & business optimization. We partner with organizations to optimize business opportunities. We do this through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into “Actionable Intelligence — Now”. This results in fact-based decisions for undeniable bottom line impact.

Why Are We different?

WyzMindz manages “Non core but Business Essential” portfolios for its clients in all stages of optimization and development to ensure that they get the most out of our offerings. Our business model provides hands-on support for clients whenever they need it. What truly differentiates WyzMindz is its “Actionable Intelligence — Now”. The domain expertise of WyzMindz employees powered by proprietary tools allows the company to serve nearly all industries in multiple cutting-edge analytical capacities & providing WFM, Quality & Risk Analytics solutions across multiple verticals. All our capabilities are offered to our clients on engagement models which suit the business strategy and pricing models which suit today’s economic reality.

Our service suite includes:

Outsourcing Analytics : As a part of Outsourcing Analytics, we focus on ensuring that the Outsourcer can achieve a service cost balance by optimizing their operations. We have expertise in the areas of Work Force Management, Forecasting, Scheduling, Quality Management and Risk Management.

Customer Lifecycle Analytics : As a part of Customer Lifecycle Analytics we put the customer at the center of the equation and optimise the process of managing the customer lifecycle. We have expertise in the areas of customer segmentation, customer experience measurement, consumer behaviour modelling, campaign effectiveness optimisation as well as executing various different types of market intelligence gathering excercises.

Supply Chain Analytics : We help our customers optimize their supply chain via our expertise in the areas of Demand Forecasting, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management and Transportation optimization.

Our Methodology:

At the core of the WyzMindz methodology lies our proprietary M-V-A-O Pyramidal framework which has been inspired by process standards like ISO, COPC, Lean, Six Sigma. The WyzMindz M-V-A-O Pyramidal framework seeks to Metricize i.e. measure what should be measured, Visualize i.e. see the metric data in an understandable format, Analyze i.e. make sense of the data around the why’s and the how’s and lastly Optimize i.e. achieve the right balance between top-line and bottom-line.

Our Expertise:

At WyzMindz we focus on our expertise by dividing them into three areas viz. Domains, Verticals & Technology. We are focussed on Domain areas like Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics and Outsourcing Analytics. Our Vertical Expertise spreads verticals like Outsourcing, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics etc. Our Technology expertise spreads areas like Statistical Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Quality, Data Modelling, management and Integration, Online Reporting and Dashboarding.

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