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Inbound Centers

Starting from answering “What is the right Service level goal for my business type?” to accurate workload forecasting, we guarantee better predictability. Our forecasting methods use the assumption that it is possible to identify the underlying factors that might influence the variable that is being forecast. We ensure best staff mix ensuring right staffing levels with best possible profit margins at all times


Outbound Centers

Our Experts helps businesses deploy time-based calling campaigns, Significantly increases Right-Party-Contacts and Promises-To-Pay, Increase amount collected within budgetary, compliance and resource constraints,Reduce roll-rates and charge-offs,Gain both immediate and long-term benefits through self-learning models,Enhance agent productivity and satisfaction & Deliver an ROI in six months or less.


Back-office Centers

Our Planning service offers unprecedented visibility into your back-office operations to improve back-office quality, productivity and process consistency and reduce resource and processing costs.


Sales Centers

Our Sales planning offering is a complete service consisting of Sales campaign management functionality. With this you will use your predictive dialer to efficiently and effectively manage product campaigns, generate sales leads, process account collections, raise funds, administer research surveys,conduct community initiatives. Our Services ensure Increased agent productivity by ensuring that agents only handle live calls.Improved sales results by dialing more numbers and contacting more live parties, resulting in more leads.

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