Quality is simply defined as fitness for a purpose. Quality can be based on perceptions, certain conditions or critieria and it could also be somewhat subjective meaning that it may have different meanings for different people. Simply put, a quality item (an item that has quality) has the ability to perform satisfactorily in service and is suitable for its intended purpose. Needless to say, measuring and improving quality is a key business objective. There is also a cost to quality and in order to lower the cost, sampling methodologies are exercised so that one may get to know the overall quality by only testing or measuring a part of the system.

There are five aspects of quality in a business context:

  1. Producing – providing something.
  2. Checking – confirming that something has been done correctly.
  3. Quality Control – controlling a process to ensure that the outcomes are predictable.
  4. Quality Management – directing an organisation so that it optimizes its performance through analysis and improvement.
  5. Quality Assurance – obtaining confidence that a product or service will be satisfactory.


WyzMindz Professionals are single-mindedly focused the philosophy of Quality & process excellence. Our processes and procedures are meticulous, follow data driven methodology that aims at generating perfect outputs repeatedly. Our expert team comprises of people with expertise in Lean, COPC, Six Sigma, ISO, COPC among other practices cutting across various industry types. The hands on experience of our experts helps us “Walk the Talk” & deliver breakthroughs.

WyzMindz engagements start with the overall understanding of the organization in terms of how it defines itself, what its objectives are, how it measures itself, what performance metrics are crucial for it to reach its objectives and how those metrics are analyzed.  Our quality philosophy hence stress upon an integrated philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of products & processes.

Whether we talk about the COPC Family of standards (Customer operations performance center) that provide benchmark for buyers of contact center services or Six Sigma, a data driven approach to process improvements, we have established records in helping organizations achieve such Certifications. WyzMindz professionals, in their earlier assignments, have helped multinationals across industry verticals achieve these certifications & re-certifications. Our Consulting, bench-marking & training/installation services help organizations define processes, continually measure metrics & outcomes that are essential for the Certification.

Through our methodical step by step approach we have helped organizations find answers to vital few like, what happened in the business? Why is it happening in the business? What is likely to happen in the future? And by getting answers to these we finally answers what should be done to change the course if required? That’s Our pyramidal framework –  Metricize, Visualize, Analyze, Optimize – ensuring breakthroughs.


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