Automotive Dealers

WyzMindz provides customized business reporting, analytics, and CRM solutions for automotive dealers. We are currently engaged with dealerships of OEMs such as Ford, Volkswagen, Honda & Hyundai.

Dealer’s Challanges

Dealer Management System (DMS) or CRMs provided b y the OEMs may not be customized to dealership’s business challenges. In our discussion with dealer principals, here is the partial list of challenges that are surfaced–

  • DMS /CRM may not have integrated workflow to capture data across the sales lifecycle . E.g. Hierarchy based approval process for order bookings, Customer follow-up and reminder call module, stock allocation and inventory updation etc.
  • Comparative analysis & Intuitive drill-downs of sales, service and insurance metrics are not possible in most of the DMS at the following levels
    • Branch / Location level
    • Sales/Service Consultant , Team Leader, Manager
    • Car model and variant level
    • Time series – Month, Week & Day wise trends
    • Internal Targets Vs. Actual performance
  • Challenges in integrate data from Billing systems (e.g. TALLY) with data from DMS to get intelligence on metrics like
    • Revenue per car (at the Model, Time Series, Sales consultant and location level)
    • Revenue from Insurance, VAS, Accessories etc.
  • Challenges are further intense if the Dealers are dealing with multiple OEMs with different DMS that does not allow the internal business process to standardize.
  • Most of the analysis is done on platforms such as MS Excel that may not provide intuitive and calibrated reports. Also the MIS may not be real-time leading to losses in revenue on account of delayed intelligence.


WyzionPROTM DAS is innovative award winning solution from WyzMindz that offered to automotive dealerships as BI as a service (BIaaS)

DAS platform allows customers to integrate data from multiple DMS across OEMs to provide intelligent insight on Sales, Service, Bodyshop & Insurance metrics. Intelligence can be drilled down across levels such as City, Branch, Model, Variant, Month, Week etc.

Intelligence is delivered on WyzionPROTM online BI platform which is compatible with laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

All solutions are customized for client’s business and set-up/implementation process takes less than 3-4 weeks. Hence Ensuring Quick ROI

Monthly billing model with ZERO investments on CAPEX such as application, servers, licenses and human resources.

Industry Recognition

WyzMindz’s solutions are recognized by various industry bodies for the innovative solution models and value creations for clients business process

We are proud to work with dealer principals of top OEMs like Ford India, Honda, Volkswagen & Ashok Leyland


  • Customer login page can be accessed on mobile and desk based devices.
  • HTTPS encrypted secure web platform protected by 7 layers of data security
  • Hosted on Tier 4 data centers ensuring 99.995 % uptime
  • Intuitive drill downs across the business metrics
  • Data can be sliced on the fly

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