WyzMindz Solution

WyzMindz provides Analytics services which helps a manufacturing business like yours, to make decisions based on appropriate data analysis.

The ultimate goal of the service is to help you to deliver breakthroughs in your business which are strongly connected to either your top-line or your bottom-line.

WyzMindz methodology helps deliver these breakthroughs by taking a holistic approach via our proprietary M-V-A-O Pyramidal framework which has been inspired by process standards like ISO, COPC, Lean, Six Sigma. The WyzMindz M-V-A-O Pyramidal framework seeks to Metricize i.e. measure what should be measured, Visualize i.e. see the metric data in an understandable format, Analyze i.e. make sense of the data around the why’s and the how’s and lastly Optimize i.e. achieve the right balance between top-line and bottom-line.

WyzMindz Analytics Services are based on cutting edge web technologies featuring advanced slice and dice capabilities, sophisticated dashboards and secure access.

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