Challenges Customers Face

As a BPO/KPO/ITES organisation, you may have the following questions you need answers to:


Inaccurate & unreliable Forecasts & Budgets :Long before the customer calls or walks through the door it is essential for businesses to be prepared for the workload. The essential factor in deciding this preparedness is a reliable and accurate forecasts and budgets. Forecast Inaccuracy usually impacts Service & Cost Balance

Non-Optimized Scheduling Practices Leading to Over or Under Staffing: The Key input metric that decides the best Service delivery at optimum Cost is your Scheduling Efficiency. Are you struggling in creating optimal schedules that make the most out of your resources and incorporate all types of activities (like breaks, training, nesting) in your services operations?

Inaccurate Headcount waterfall: Do you face issues due to Manual Headcount waterfall reports that needs repeated reconciliation & consumes administration bandwidth due to manual handling of schedules, holiday bookings, shift tradeoffs etc?

Non-Adherence to Plan resulting in gap between projected vs actual performance: Is your team geared up for proactive near real time reporting that can help your team move towards better KPI achievement?


Contact Optimization Issues: Is your team  struggling  to determine when the calls should be placed to maximize their effectiveness?

Analyzing Past performance to build future strategies: Are you facing challenges in deriving actionable intelligence with respect to best day of weeks & times of the day to place certain types of call basis past calling campaigns analysis?

Contact rates are seasonal: Are you struggling with correct calculation of probability of contacting customers hour by hour, day by day & week by week. Does your staffing aligned to Contact variability by introduction of flexible staff models?

Contact rates are a function of segment, list size, and list quality: Is your team struggling to determine which segment, list and what size to call?

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