Beam Telecom experiences over 40% reduction in cost of service

Case Study - Beam Telecom experiences over 40% reduction in cost of service

Beam Telecom was not being able to service its customers as per their goals. Calls from customers were . . .

Industry Name: Telecom, Outsourcing
Service Name: Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Outsourcing Analytics


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Transportation and Logistics

The process of getting products delivered from one place to another—on time, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible—is mission critical for transportation and logistics providers. Starting from razor-thin margins, profitability is often gained or missed by the volatile cost of fuel. In this extremely competitive market, one late delivery or unexpected freight surcharge can mean missed revenue opportunities and a lost customer forever.

WyzMindz helps Transportation & Logistics companies like yours, deliver breakthroughs by answering vital questions based on facts and data via its services offerings.

Challenges Customers Face

Transportation and Logistics

There are many issues and questions Transportation and Logistics companies are dealing with:

  • Largely Unorganised sector leading to low visibility on the business
  • Tracking challenges across the chain and networks
  • Rising costs of fuel and manpower
  • Regulatory issues and requirement to deal with regulatory bodies
  • Lack of Documentation
  • Pressure on Cash flows
  • Contracting with vendors
  • High Levels and risks of pilferage

WyzMindz Solution

Transportation and Logistics

With a multitude of issues to tackle, you as a Transportation and Logistics company need to constantly relook at the way your business is run to ensure survival.

Business analytics can help Transportation and Logistics companies like yours, break-down and assimilate information collected and provide better insights into your business, your customers and your suppliers and their processes.

The WyzMindz Pyramidal Framework – Metricize, Visualize, Analyze, Optimize ensures you deliver breakthroughs based on facts and data around the following areas:


Logistics Chain Optimization

Improve profitability with in-depth analysis of service and network portfolios across customers, suppliers and at every step in the logistics chain.


Supplier Performance & Contract Analysis

Track supplier performance against service level agreements to identify opportunities, negotiate intelligently, and tier contracts based on results.


Order Unit Economics Analysis

Analyze loads, routes, carriers, tendering, bookings, customs filings, freight audit and payment on a by-order basis to reduce cost variables.


Financial Performance Optimization

Improve cash flow and gain operational efficiencies by enabling streamlined business discovery across all enterprise functions.


  • WyzMindz Solutions are tightly tied to revenue improvement or cost reduction goals. You can experience the following benefits from our services for Transportation and Logistics:

  • b1

    Improved visibility into the business leading to Operational Excellence.


  • b2

    Increased Customer Satisfaction and improved Market Share.

  • b3

    Better Cash Flows and Financial Performance across networks & service portfolios as well as customers.


  • b4

    Optimized Supply Chain and Better Contract Management with Suppliers.

  • b5

    Streamlined safety, trace-ability and compliance reporting.

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