Our Working ProcessIn 3 Steps

The first step in our engagement is to get behind the stated business issues or symptoms and do a comprehensive diagnostic. Post the diagnostic, solutions are designed, developed, tested and delivered to the customer.


In the diagnostic we understand the business process and the stated business issues in detail via interviews. The key objective of the diagnostic is to paint areas of opportunity for revenue enhancement or cost reduction. Of these opportunity areas, the ones to be focussed on for solution design and development are jointly agreed with the customer.

Design and Develop

Once the areas of opportunity for solution design and development are agreed on with the customer, the WyzMindz Project teams come into action. For each of the areas the solution is designed and a signoff is taken from the customer. Post Design, development takes place in an offsite center.

Test and Deliver

Once the solution has been developed it is internally tested to ensure that it meets the customer’s requirements. The customer is asked to also test the solution. Only on the acceptance of the customer, the solution is considered delivered to the customer.

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