Pyramidal Framework

At the heart of WyzMindz methodology lies our proprietary Pyramidal framework. The Pyramidal framework represents our learnings and experience applying various different quality standards like Six Sigma, CMM, COPC, Lean, ISO etc to optimize processes. We guarantee that our Pyramidal framework is faster and more result oriented than all these frameworks. We have applied  it on leading large global organizations with great results. It also incorporates advanced statistical modelling and forecasting techniques which none of the other frameworks do, to lend an unique strength to its ability to excel based on facts and data.

The core tenets of the pyramidal framework are its key functions:

  • Metricize: Takes you from measuring just what’s easy to measure to a situation where you understand what impacts and then have the capability to measure it
  • Visualize: Takes you from a cumbersome, unclear, silo’ed reporting environment to a visual dashboards based system providing you end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence
  • Analyze: Takes from the confusion and paralysis of having conflicting metric data showing the green signal while the business is red to a situation where you can clearly understand the situation, its how’s and why’s and even the ability to accurately forecast and predict
  • Optimize: Takes you from a situation of inconsistent performance and no knowledge of where the balance lies to a situation where you deliver breakthroughs by optimizing your process, increasing revenue and reducing costs


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