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All businesses today are facing the challenge of a dynamic environment along with uncertain economic conditions. WyzMindz is here to help you achieve revenue and profitability goals by helping you collect, visualize and then understand data to make effective decisions.

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Automotive Dealers

WyzMindz provides customized business reporting, analytics, and CRM solutions for automotive dealers. We are currently engaged with dealerships of OEMs such as Ford, Volkswagen, Honda & Hyundai.

Dealer's . . .

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Transformation is rife in the healthcare marketplace and putting pressure on healthcare players to do more with less. Aging populations, chronic illness and revolutionary —but expensive—treatments . . .

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With the systems Banks have put in place over the years, data is replete in the banking environment today. One would think that with all this data decision making would have become easier, but more often . . .

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Transportation and Logistics

The process of getting products delivered from one place to another—on time, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible—is mission critical for transportation and logistics providers. Starting from . . .

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As a Telecom player, you would understand that your environment is becoming increasingly complex and with that so is your decision making. Today’s Telecom technology environment is also generating data . . .

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As a manufacturer you may be selling your products to end customers or to other manufacturers who use your products as components. There would be many parties involved in your supply chain with each adding . . .

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The retail industry has undergone drastic changes over the last couple of decades. With a projected global market size of $20K billion by 2017, the explosive market growth continues but is hindered by . . .

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Outsourcing (BPO / KPO / ITES / Contact Center)

You may be dealing with outsourcing partners or yourself running an outsourcing operation for your customers. In both the cases, there are certain key capabilities that you would need to have to ensure . . .

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