Beam Telecom experiences over 40% reduction in cost of service

Case Study - Beam Telecom experiences over 40% reduction in cost of service

Beam Telecom was not being able to service its customers as per their goals. Calls from customers were . . .

Industry Name: Telecom, Outsourcing
Service Name: Customer Lifecycle Analytics, Outsourcing Analytics


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Transformation is rife in the healthcare marketplace and putting pressure on healthcare players to do more with less. Aging populations, chronic illness and revolutionary —but expensive—treatments are making it difficult to manage a high level of patient care while at the same time controlling costs. These new challenges mean that healthcare providers like you could use data and analytics in new ways to drive operational excellence and continue to maintain a healthy business.

WyzMindz helps Healthcare players like your, deliver breakthroughs by answering vital questions based on facts and data via its services offerings.

Challenges Customers Face


There are many issues and questions Health Care providers grapple with:

  • Can I always stay on top of what is happening on the business side of the healthcare practices?
  • How can Market Share be gained?
  • What can be done to measure and improve the satisfaction patients have with the care we provide?
  • Can we improve our operational efficiency to ensure that we can optimize our capacity?
  • How do we ensure that we can quickly integrate changes in Medicine and technology with our processes to help our patients quicker?
  • How can we ensure that we have the availability of our physicians for our patients?
  • Is there a way that we can ensure that the patient’s treatment plan is well suited to the patients financial, emotional and treatment requirements?
  • How can we improve our Financial Status both overall as well as across our practices?
  • What marketing strategies should we employ and what RoI can we expect on the spends?

WyzMindz Solution


With a multitude of issues to tackle, you as a healthcare provider company need to constantly re-look at the way your business is run to ensure survival.

Business analytics can help retailers like Telecom companies like yours, break-down and assimilate information collected and provide better insights into customers as well as back-end processes.

The WyzMindz Pyramidal Framework – Metricize, Visualize, Analyze, Optimize ensures you deliver breakthroughs based on facts and data around the following areas:


Patient Analytics

– Patient Satisfaction
– Patient Experience Optimization
– Patient Behavior Analysis
– Patient Loyalty Analysis
– Patient Life Time Value Analysis
– Web Analytics
– Survey Design and Execution


Strategy and Financial Planning

– Company wide Financial Visibility
– Reporting and Dashboarding Solutions
– Scheduling and Capacity Planning
– Capacity Forecasting
– Risk Analytics
– Fraud Detection and Analysis
– Healthcare Process Optimization


Marketing Analytics

– Key Drivers Analysis
– Survey Design, Execution and Analysis
– Brand perceptual mapping and scorecards
– Campaign Effectiveness
– Marketing Mix Modeling
– Pricing Analysis
– Marketing ROI
– New Product or Service Introduction Analysis


Supply Chain Optimization

– Contact Centre Operations Optimization
– Capacity Management
– Demand Forecasting
– Spend Analysis
– Inventory Management
– Strategic Sourcing
– Supplier Reliability Analysis


  • WyzMindz Solutions are tightly tied to revenue improvement or cost reduction goals. You can experience benefits in the following areas from WyzMindz Analytics Services for Healthcare:

  • b1

    Improve patient care with shorter wait times by synchronizing resource scheduling with patient flow models.

  • b2

    Improve patient safety from immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information, reducing opportunities for medical errors

  • b3

    Reduce healthcare operational costs from analyses of resource utilization, materials stocking levels, purchasing options, and supplier performance.

  • b4

    Optimize revenue cycle management from reducing the time and cost to collect reimbursements.

  • b5

    Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by delivering on key operational, patient safety, and quality of care metrics.

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